hilton head massage Kim Brewer, Licensed Massage Therapist, is the established business owner of Massage Therapy, Inc. Appointed by the Governor to the Advisory Panel of Massage/Bodywork Therapy (2002-2007), Kim's responsibilities were to assist in the regulation of massage laws, recommend implementation of procedures, and help maintain the standards and integrity of the massage profession. She currently spends her time accommodating an established client base which she assists in maintaining good health and wellness protocol.

MASSAGE THERAPY, Inc. has served Hilton Head and its surrounding area for over a decade. We proudly stand behind our reputation of unsurpassed skill and professionalism, meeting the highest standards of our profession. Several licensed Hilton Head massage therapists are available six days a week, by appointment, to administer a variety of modalities based on the therapeutic needs of the client. A close evaluation of each client will determine the techniques used during each Hilton Head therapeutic massage session.

We invite you to visit our Village at Wexford location where, with appropriate notice, we can accommodate up to three simultaneous Hilton Head massage sessions.

We look forward to meeting you and welcome any questions you may have.

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Kim Brewer & Associates

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